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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy can help couples improve their relationship in many ways.


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People refer to couples therapy in a number of ways. If this is what you’re looking for then you’re at a right place:

  • family therapy
  • couples therapy
  • couples therapist
  • couples counselling
  • relationship therapy
  • relationship therapist
  • relationship counselling
  • relationship counselling
  • marriage therapy
  • marriage therapist
  • marriage counselling
  • marriage counsellor


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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy helps couples:

  • resolve conflict,
  • learn how to communicate effectively,
  • better understand each other,
  • enhance their emotional connection and
  • strengthen their bond.

Our professionally trained Psychologists will assist marriages and couples in a relationship to:

  • identify obstacles and destructive interactive patterns in their relationships, as well as
  • guide them in building skills to develop and strengthen their emotional capacity on both personal and interpersonal levels.

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What people say about us

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful work that you've done over the past year. We're so happy that he has come out of his shell and is now interacting so well with familiar and unfamiliar people.
I must admit, I first came to the centre reluctantly, and was not very enthusiastic about starting therapy. Now…. I look forward to my regular sessions. I absolutely LOVE my “pre – therapy” coffee and catch-ups with the Practice manager, who is the life and soul of the centre.
As a parent it has been such a good experience dealing with a team who are so warm and caring, and yet very professional!! My child’s attitude to coming to the centre speaks for itself.
Had an incredible experience at this practice. The psychologist was authentic, efficient and the help I received was life changing. I would not hesitate at recommending this centre. Everything you could need and more!